HABRAS’ vision is to provide high-speed test service for local and international authorities and meet the requirements of improving defence and aerospace indusrty by developing its technology and updating itself


  • Testing ammunition systems which include live warhead
  • Sending a signal to the electronical sytems such as fuzes for during the ammunition:’s movement on the rail
  • Sled seperation systems
    • Mechanical seperation
    • Energetic seperation
  • Testing in a wide mass-velocity region,

Dinamik Test Hattı Kapasite Eğrisi

  • Velocity measurement with Radar
  • Blast measurement at target area
  • Back-up intitation system in case of fuze’s failure
  • Capturing free flight and effects of the ammunition on the target with High Speed Cameras


HABRAS is one of the few high speed rocket test tracks in the world with 2-km long double rail system. It is located at the Turkish MoD Firing Range, Test, and Evaluation Centre in Karapınar/Konya.

Habras Lokasyon